Best Butter Chicken in Oshawa Restaurants, Winter 2024

As temperatures drop across Oshawa, locals seek to warm Indian comfort food favorites like butter chicken. But with many claiming the “Best Butter Chicken in Town” title, determining the leading restaurants crafting this exceptionally delicious dish can puzzle even seasoned curry connoisseurs.

After accumulating winter 2024 input from community members, here are the top-rated establishments serving up best butter chicken in Oshawa guaranteed to defeat the cold.

1.    Royal Darbar

Earning consistent praise year after year for diligently hand-preparing authentic Indian cuisine admired for the sheer depth of layered flavor, Royal Darbar takes butter chicken to heavenly heights with chicken carefully marinated and then slow-cooked in velvety tomato and cashew cream sauce scented with authentic spices imported from family farms in India to craft delicate perfection in every order.

Customers who are picky about food agree that Royal Darbar offers the best Butter chicken and biryani delivery in Oshawa.

2.    The Bollywood Tacos

The Bollywood Tacos has a creative name that fits their savvy fusion food, which combines Indian soul food with Mexican flair. They serve delicious butter chicken tacos with juicy chicken tikka pieces and cool cucumber raita in warm naan shells, which are great for ordering to go or eating for a casual meal full of holiday flavors.

3.    Spicy Affairs Oshawa

Spicy Affairs is proud to serve traditional Indian food in a modern, stylish dining room in north Oshawa. Their delicious and Best Butter Chicken in Town combines full-fat dairy with blistered tomato and aromatic spices. It is a beloved dish that wakes up taste buds on cold winter nights, whether it’s served in their elegant dining room or as a takeout meal that’s already been skillfully prepared for easy heating at home.

4.    Maharaja

An authentic family restaurant that serves food from many parts of India, Maharaja is famous for its best Butter chicken delivery in Oshawa, which is infused with their signature house-mixed garam masala spice blend that has been passed down through generations. These dishes are served with basmati rice and golden garlic naan that transports you straight to Mumbai, whether you choose to eat in their elegant banquet room or takeout on a cold night when comfort food is what you need.

5.    Curry Club Restaurant

For years, Curry Club Restaurant has been a proud east Oshawa destination serving high-quality halal Indian food in a way that is always welcoming to all. Their amazing butter chicken dishes are made fresh every day by their skilled chef, who perfectly balances the rich, creamy tomato sauce with mild, multilayered spice. The bite-sized chicken is perfect for one person or for sharing with friends and family, whether you stop by on your way to do some shopping or order online for delivery on a regular basis.

6.    9 Spices Indian Roti Cuisine

This unassuming restaurant in downtown Oshawa serves delicious Indian food like crispy chickpea pancakes, fluffy rice biryani, and especially velvety spiced butter chicken smelling of fenugreek and cardamom. Local professionals keep coming back, either for lunch during the efficient cafeteria-style counter service or to stay warm during the brutally cold Oshawa winters by calling ahead and ordering the best Butter chicken delivery in Oshawa.

Experience The Exquisite Flavor Of Oshawa’s Delectable Butter Chicken At Royal Darbar.

Want to try the best butter chicken in the city during the cold months ahead? There are many great restaurants in Oshawa that have loyal customers. One of the most popular is Royal Darbar, which sets the standard for exquisite flavor and culinary accuracy year after year through exacting classic preparation that melts hearts with every splendid spoonful. You can experience our love for food in person, or you can order the best Butter chicken delivery in Oshawa.


Which protein options besides chicken appear in butter chicken dishes?

Alternate luxurious butter chicken preparations feature lamb, shrimp, or paneer cheese as the starring component in place of chicken. Vegetarian tofu butter “chicken” is also popular.

What are the best naan flavors to pair with butter chicken?

Buttery garlic naan, pesto, or cheese-stuffed naan complement the richness of butter chicken beautifully. Crisp papadum wafers add textural contrast.

What other gravies work with tandoori chicken besides butter chicken sauce?

Makhani tomato cream, spinach curries, korma cashew gravy, and traditional masala sauce all make excellent partners.

How well does butter chicken hold for delivery or leftovers?

Butter chicken retains excellent flavor and texture when refrigerated for up to 5 days. Notify staff for reheating instructions.