The 10 Best Indian Food Delivery in Oshawa 2024

We all have our favorite foods and go out for a bite over the weekends, but there’s something about Indian food in Oshawa that keeps us craving for more. If you’re craving some rich Indian food with vibrant flavors but don’t have the time to go or don’t want to, you can always go for the best Indian food delivery in Oshawa. Oshawa has some of the best Indian cuisine, so if you’re a fan of Indian food, you can get it all with the best Indian food delivery in Oshawa.

Finding Oshawa’s Best Indian Food Delivery

Now, if you’ve ever ordered food before (everybody has ordered it before), you know it can be a bit of a gamble. You wait eagerly for your favorite dish to arrive, only to discover that it’s not as tasty as you thought it would be, or the samosas are soggy and ruins your day. That’s why you want the best Indian food delivery in Oshawa, so you always get what you ordered, which looks, tastes, and smells great. With a little bit of research, you can land on the best Indian cuisine in Oshawa and order it whenever you want.


Top 10 Places to Order the Best Indian Cuisine in Oshawa

  1. Royal Darbar: A true Oshawa favorite, Royal Darbar transports you to the heart of India with its aromatic dishes and generous portions. Whether you’re in the mood for creamy butter chicken, fiery vindaloo, or vegetarian specialties, they’ve got the best Indian food delivery in Oshawa.
  2. Dhaba Nh1: Prepare for a feast fit for royalty! Dhaba Nh1 brings the bold flavors of North India to your doorstep. Think hearty curries, sizzling tandoori meats, and classic naan bread baked to perfection. Their combo meals are ideal for sharing or enjoying leftovers the next day.
  3. Vazhiyoram Restaurant: If you have a hankering for South Indian flavors, Vazhiyoram Restaurant is your destination. Explore the world of crispy dosas, flavorful idlis, and curries bursting with spice and depth. This place is a hidden gem and will delight any palate.
  4. Desi Dera Kabab N Curry: Get ready for a Pakistani and Indian flavor explosion! Desi Dera is known for its perfectly grilled meats, rich and flavorful curries, and an extensive menu filled with mouthwatering choices.
  5. Ammachi South Indian Fine Cuisine: A solid contender if you’re seeking classic Indian dishes done right. Their extensive menu offers flavorful curries, comforting vegetarian options, and all the sides you crave, like fluffy rice and warm naan.
  6. Twisted Indian Wraps: Looking for modern Indian flavors with a twist (literally)? Twisted Indian Wraps will satisfy your cravings with its creative wraps and rice bowls brimming with familiar Indian spices and exciting fusion choices.
  7. Manpasand (Middlefield Rd): Home-style Indian cuisine delivered! Manpasand focuses on fresh ingredients and flavorful dishes. This spot is fantastic for discovering Indian street food, snacks, and comforting classics.
  8. KP&R Tandoori Grill: Calling all Indian food lovers! KP&R Tandoori Grill boasts an expansive menu specializing in delicious and authentic tandoori cuisine. This is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking unique and satisfying Indian flavors.
  9. Dosa Eatery: Dosa Eatery specializes in the art of South Indian cuisine, with a focus on crispy, savory dosas. They offer a wide variety of dosa fillings, from classic spiced potato masala to creative fusion options. Alongside dosas, their menu often includes other South Indian favorites like idli, vada, and flavorful curries. Dosa Eatery aims to bring the vibrant flavors and satisfying textures of South Indian cuisine to a broader audience.
  10. Garthy Takeout and Catering: Garthy Takeout and Catering brings the warmth of Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine straight to your door. Their dishes showcase rich curries, like their renowned spicy chicken, aromatic biryani, and crispy chicken roti. If you’re looking to enjoy home-style flavors from across the Indian Ocean, with no cooking required, Garthy Takeout and Catering will satisfy your cravings for an authentic dining experience.

Choosing the Best Indian Food Delivery in Oshawa for You

With so many fantastic options, how do you pick the perfect restaurant for your cravings? Consider these factors:

  • Spice Tolerance: How much heat can you handle? Some restaurants specialize in milder dishes, while others are known for their fiery curries.
  • Dietary Needs: Explore restaurants catering to vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diets.
  • Delivery Times: Check delivery estimates, especially if you’re in a hurry.
  • Reviews: Don’t underestimate the power of reviews! Read through real customer experiences to get a sense of a restaurant’s strengths.

Discover Deliciousness with Royal Darbar – The Great Indian Kitchen

While you can’t go wrong with any of our top 10 choices, Royal Darbar – The Great Indian Kitchen consistently stands out as the best Indian food delivery service in Oshawa.  From comforting classics to bold flavor explorations, Royal Darbar delivers the best Indian cuisine and a delicious and memorable dining experience – even in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to order a feast? Visit Royal Darbar and immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of India.


I’m new to Indian food. Where should I start?

Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, so it’s a fantastic adventure! Here are a few beginner-friendly suggestions:

  • Butter Chicken: A creamy, mildly spiced tomato-based curry – a crowd favorite!
  • Chana Masala: Flavorful chickpea curry, often vegetarian and hearty.
  • Biryani: Aromatic rice dish layered with spices and often including meat or vegetables.
  • Samosas: Crispy pastries filled with savory spiced potatoes and peas.

Don’t forget to order sides like naan bread (perfect for dipping in curries) and raita (cooling yogurt dip) to complete the meal.

Can I get vegetarian/vegan Indian food delivered?

Absolutely! Indian cuisine offers a wealth of delicious vegetarian and vegan options. Some restaurants on our list even specialize in plant-based cuisine. Look for dishes featuring:

  • Lentils (Dal): Rich and satisfying lentil curries.
  • Paneer (Indian cheese): Used in creamy curries or grilled dishes like paneer tikka.
  • Vegetable Specialties: Explore curries packed with flavorful vegetables like cauliflower, eggplant, and okra.